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Women Hair Loss – Hair Loss

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Women Hair Loss

When you think of hair loss, you may not think that it happens to woman. However, it does occur and it can be very emotionally damaging to woman. It is found to be that when a women looses their hair it is far more noticeable than when men loose their hair. Woman go suffer more when their hair begins to thin and even start to fall out in certain areas. This can be a very traumatic event in some women’s lives.

There are more than twenty million women in the world dealing with female hair loss. There are a few different reasons why these women are loosing their hair. One reason may be hormonal imbalances. When a woman has an overactive or under active thyroid gland, this may cause thinning hair. When the thyroid problem is taken care of, this will usually help the hair loss. Hormones can also cause hair loss if the female hormones are out of balance. Again, when the problem is fixed or treated, the female hair loss should stop.

Childbirth has always been a good reason for women to loose their hair. Female hair loss can start suddenly during or after pregnancy. This is not usually something to worry about. Once the w omen’s hormones have returned to the pre-pregnancy levels, the hair should stop falling out and actually grow back in to fill the empty spots.

Another stage in life for female hair loss is during menopause and some forms of hormonal therapy. This is later in life and in some cases even harder to deal with. This can make any woman that is feeling depressed because of there age and now they have to deal with the uncomfortable problem of loosing their hair. The problem will especially start to occur after menopause has set in.

There is hope for female hair loss. Women do not have to just sit back and watch as they loose their hair day after day. They can visit with their doctor to discuss the many treatments that are out there to help them. There are many creams, vitamins, and treatments to help with this annoying problem.

Women can even under go hair replacement treatment to get their hair back. This is a process that will take some time, but in the end it is worth having beautiful and thick hair to groom again. Although there are treatments for female hair loss, there are more remedies for men.

The main thing is for women dealing with female hair loss not to give up. They should eat right, take their vitamins and seek help from their doctor to get their hair loss under control and having new and more luxurious hair grow in.

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Hair Zone Studio by Michael Poh – PJ Branch


Hair Zone Studio by Michael Poh – PJ Branch

Salon Profile

Salon Name – Hair Zone Studio by Michael Poh

Address – No.9, Taman Paramout, Jalan 20/16, 46300 Petaling Jaya.

Contact Number – 03-78753387

Operation Hours – 11.00am – 8.30pm

Salons Aims

– to make all customers beautiful, to look nice & younger

– to provide more opportunity to the up & coming stylists, to contribute to the society

Salon Concept – to provide the only hair & image design to individuals depending on the individual’s personality job, image wanted to carry & more









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Curly Hair Styles

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Anyone who thinks that curly hair styles means carefree hair style probably wears a wig.
Fortunately, curly hair are plentiful and easy to master once you understand the basics of curly hair management.

Your Natural Hair Pattern

Styles for natural curly hair should always complement your hair’s unique curl pattern.

Not everyone knows how to “read” that pattern and the results could be disastrous.

Layered hair cuts are one of the most suitable haircuts for short to medium length soft curly hair. It is easier to maintain and give your curls a good structure.

Excessive hair weight is a curl’s worst enemy. When your hair gets too long and heavy it tends to pull down and straighten your curls. Visit your stylist at least every six weeks. If you have thick curly hair, or your hair grows quickly, then every four to five weeks might be better for you.

The Right Hairdresser

The most important thing to know is that not all hair stylists understand the subtle nuances of cutting naturally curly hair. If you are searching for a new hair stylist, don’t be afraid to call and ask if they have a curly hair stylist or specialist on their staff. If they say no, or act like you just asked the dumbest question that they have ever heard, hang up and move on.

From Straight to Soft Curly Hair Style

Soft, cascading curls of hair, edgy waves, romantic ringlets or a la movie queens from the ’40s. It’s the latest curly look from the red carpet that called “Hollywood glam”. If your curls are to keep their shape for a long time and look as natural as possible, the best things to use are rollers.

If this is what you looking for then learn about waving technique like the S Wave Thermal Set. This technique combined with a wave solution is much gentler and easier on the hair than a traditional perm while creating natural-looking, soft curls that last up to three months. It’s suitable for those with straight or slightly straight hair types and create the perfect foundation or base for a multitude of curly hair styles.

See more hair styles for curly hair.

From Natural Curly to Straight or Soft Curly

If you have hard to manage natural curly hair and want to have straight OR soft curls and romantic waves, then you need to consider a Retexturizing service with your hair stylist. This option allow you to relax your curly hair to straight or re-create the curls in a new soft S wave hair style.

People wanting to tame or straighten their curly, frizzy or kinky hair now have a new alternative – one that offers a kinder, gentler chemical hair straightener to Tame Or Relax curly hair.

Before (tight curly) and after (soft wavy)

Before (natural curly) and after (straight)

From Relaxed to Natural Curly Hair

If you have already relaxed hair and you like to get back to your natural curl, you can consult your hair stylist to use a more gentle relaxer like Caribbean Dream Relaxer and make the transition easier.

NOTE: This Retexturizing System that we mentioned here is only works for Caucasian and Latino hair type and cannot re-establish a wave or curl on previously relaxed hair where sodium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide chemicals were used.

However, it can overlap previous relaxers or colored treated hair. The CDR System can revert from relaxed to wave and from wave to relaxed.

To achieve the wave or curl, the CDR System can be applied as a relaxer, until a desired length, then revert to the wave.

Read also this article for a more chemical-free and natural approach on How to deal with transitioning from relaxed to natural curly hair. Going from relaxed hair to natural curly hair is a process that involves patience, love and dedication. This article will help you get through this part of your hair journey.

Keep Your Curly Hair In Shape

Resist the temptation to wash your hair every day. It’s fine to rinse it daily but curly hair should be shampooed once or twice per week if possible (This fact depends on your curls type, shampoo and its PH value). That’s because curly hair is the result of the way that proteins in you hair called sulfides bonds (disulfide bonds) and harsh shampoo can break those bonds, so if you like to shampoo your hair regularly then use extra-mild or natural shampoo or your beautiful curls might become dry and also straighten a bit as a result. Use conditioning treatment after each wash.

Let your hair dry naturally if you have the time. If you are going to use a blow dryer then use a diffuser so your curls don’t get packed down too tight.

Protect your hair in direct sun, wind or when driving in an opne car with hat and rinse your hair after swimming.

Use The Right Products for Curly Hair

Use products that are made especially for curly hair. You need shampoo and conditioner that will enhance, support and protect your style and natural  curly hair rather than weigh them down.

You can spritz new life into your sagging curls by misting them lightly with water and letting your hair dry naturally. Rather than water, use shine spray  to restore and refresh your hairs natural curls.
The real secret in beautiful curls and manageable curly hair style is “shine”. The structure of your hair fiber is different than straight hair and does not reflect the light in the same way. The best way to deal with this is to use shine products like serums and shine enhancers or shine sprays.