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Man Hair Loss – Hair Loss

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Man Hair Loss

It is very common for most man to find themselves dealing with hair loss at some point in time. This is the most known type of hair loss. Man deal with this problem more than woman because of their sensitivity to male sex hormones in certain parts of their scalp. This may be passed down from generation to generation.

Many man feel that baldness makes them look unattractive and can get stressed out from the situation. There are some men however, that feels distinguished by their hair loss and feels better about them. There are even men who like to keep their head shaved even when they have a full head of hair. It is easier for them to take care of and it makes them look and feel sexy.

Some men do have the area on their head that are very sensitive to their hormones and will make male hair loss present. The hormones will make the hair follicles from where the hair grows to shrink. They will start to become so small that they cannot replace lost hair. These follicles are still alive and will be no longer able to do their job. It is at this point when men loose their hair.

This sort of condition will start in men anywhere from their late twenties to there thirties. Male hair loss may start with just a receding hairline and then gradually move to the top of the head. The hair will start to thin and become noticeable.

Male hair loss that is passed on genetically cannot be prevented. It is going to happen, although there is some forms of treatment that can help slow it down or even help the hair grow back faster. There are some side effects to deal with when you use these forms of treatment.

It is probably a good idea to take vitamins early so that you maybe you can prevent the balding from happening any earlier than expected. Vitamin A and E are great for the hair and will help to make it stronger and it may even start to grow in more.

It is a good idea to accept the inevitable and just learn to be comfortable with male hair loss. There is no reason to try and hide it or disguise your baldness. The occasional hat once in a while is fine, but you should not run out and buy a hairpiece right away. Give it some time, you may just like the way you look and feel with the thinning hair. If not, then you can look into hair replacement therapy. You can have a hair transplant to fill in the gaps where your hair is becoming thin.

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Dickxon Yew – Hair Zone Studio


Uneven Dimesion Elizabeth


Tokyo Mode Hair Drift

Dickxon Yew – Hair Zone Studio | Hair Stylist Design

Hair Stylist Portfolio | Hair Stylist Design

Stylist Name– Dickxon Yew

Contact Number – 03-78753387

Sex -Male

Model Name – Yvonne / Aliza

Sex – Female /Female

Creative Name – Uneven Dimesion Elizabeth / Tokyo Mode Hair Drift

Stylist Creative Idea

Hair Design Concept

– Daring and Sporty /Sexy and Elegant

Hair Cut Design

– Slopped Short and Foundation Long Fringe / Tripple Concare Layer and Slide Cut

Hair Color Concept

–  Black,violet and Red / Chestnut Brown

Hair Perm and Hair concept

– Short the back quardually longer at the front, longer fringe, projecting a daring and sporty impression, look fresh and young / Long and big cut, projecting modern and sexy look, lokking stronger yet elegant

Punky Coiffure(1)

Punky Coiffure


Out of the Box


Revolution Trend

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