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Hair Growth Trial Set – Control Hair Loss

Hair growth trial set perform control hair loss and promoting hair growth. It helps to stop hair loss, stimulate hair regrowth and fast growth results

Hair Growth Home Care Trial Set is for 7-10 days usage to testify our Hair  Growth Result within 7 days. It helps to resolved more then 70% hair loss and scalp problems and perform new hair growth within 7 days of usage follow our direction.

Hair Growth Trial Set – RM199.00
1no x 60g Hair Growth Mask                = RM 48.00
1no x 150ml Hair Growth Shampoo     = RM 48.00
1no x 150ml Hair Growth Conditioner  = RM 48.00
1no x 60ml Hair Growth Tonic Spray   = RM 98.00

Total = RM242.00
Total Saving : RM43.00
Promotion Price RM199.00

7 days Money Back Guarantee ( with Terms & Conditions Applied )


BF1 Hair Growth Series 草藥生髮系列 – Control Hair Loss and Promoting Hair Growth. BF1 Hair  Growth Series growth hair and control hair loss within 7 days. BF1 Hair Growth Series solved over 90% of hair loss problems. 100% Natural Herbals Formulation helps to growth more hair.

To view more hair growth results and testimonial please click : http://bf-1.com/Bf1-Testimonial/

To find out more on hair loss problem please click : http://hairloss.bf-1.com/

Hair Growth Mask – Treat Oily Scalp
60g | RM48.00

Derived from natural herbal ingredients to treat oily hair, reduce hair loss and prevent balding. Special formulation offers effective control of excessive sebum, prevents acne (hair follicle inflammation), prevent clogging of hair follicles and ease penetration of hair growth tonic into hair & scalp.

Hair Growth Shampoo
Control Hair Loss & Enhance Hair Growth

150ml | RM48.00

Contains natural herbal extracts to remove dead skin / dandruff, and sebum. It will cleanse and protect your hair and scalp.

Hair Growth Conditioner
Control Hair Loss & Repair Damage Hair

150ml | RM48.00

Natural herbal extracts are enriched with Wheatgerm Oil which contains protein, fatty acid, vitamins and etc, enabling them to strengthen the weakening hair. Besides, Wheatgerm Oil contains fatty acids that encourage the revitalization of hair cells while repairing hair epidermis and hair cortex.

Hair Growth Tonic Spray (No Need Rinse Off)
Enhance Growth & Sustain New Hair

60ml | RM98.00

Natural herbal ingredients: concentrated extract of Ginseng, Tongkui and more than 30 types of other herbal extracts to enhance growth and sustenance of new hair and prevention of dandruff and hair follicle inflammation.

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